Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit...


I have tried within these pages to answer the most frequently asked questions that have been sent to me over the years. What Can I Do For You  answers the first question and Aura Imaging & Energy Field gives a further explanation of my work. I have shared useful links at the bottom of the About Me & Useful Links page which includes places I have enjoyed visiting and  people in the healing world that I have found interesting and helpful. I hope this may be of some help to you too? The Chakra Balance Meditation link offers a simple and  basic introduction to the chakra system encouraging you to take a few moments to be aware of your breath - deep breathing helps to reduce stress. 

After researching mind/body links (psychospiritual causes) for many years, I have witnessed how a lot of disease, pain and injury is caused by emotional suppression.  We are all conditioned by our upbringing and influenced by our life experiences.  Our natural flow of energy always moves towards perfect health and well-being.  However, over time we can create masks and build defences around ourselves to survive. These defence mechanisms can then act like a shield that lock us into self-destructive emotional patterns. As a result, energy blocks are created in our bodies as we suppress trauma, our true thoughts, feelings and emotions. I look at the imbalance and disharmony ​in the individual’s energy field having observed static energy leads to disease; awareness leads to release, healing and freedom.


In my blog, I write articles on various subjects related to the experiences I have had, the books I have read and the inspirational stories I have heard.


As a complementary health care practitioner, I work alongside orthodox medicine and am an active member of The Doctor/Healer Network. I believe it to be the way forward for all in the health industry to work together. I firmly believe for full healing to take place that not only the body has to be healed but the underlying root cause needs to be addressed also. Deep rooted cellular memories need to be released so that the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies can all be restored to perfect health and balance. 


If you now go to Upcoming Events you can catch up with the latest events which are regularly updated and if you go to Book Club you can view details of my next Holistic Health Book Club Meeting where all are welcome. In my Reference Library, all books have been categorised into sections based on the challenging life issues common to us all. These books are all connected to Amazon enabling easy access. 


'Prevention is always better than cure' but it is often sadly the only way anyone really stops to listen to their body when they get sick. Illness is not something that just happens, it is a signal that something has to change. Like a warning light on a car if you don't pay attention to it, the vehicle will eventually break down. Are you really listening to your body right now?............ Kind regards, Carol