My Summer 2019 Talks with Reviews


Workshop in Guildford


Harley Street Practice

It was lovely seeing you after such a long time. Thank you for the in-depth 'chat', I did not expect that, but it was so good to unload some of that stuff, much of it never talked about before. You were so good at drawing it out. And as for the aura reading, I was so amazed.

I put down the beautiful aura to the comfort of your Harley Street office, where I felt very relaxed.

As you are aware I am the chairperson of the St Lucia Diabetes Project (UK) and I am currently organising the team for our visit to St Lucia in July. I have been busy and most times stressed with thinking of ways to raise the funds that we need and organising the conference and other activities that we will be doing while we are there. Not being able to meditate properly has not helped and of course my bad experience in 2007 has meant that I have done no healing since then.

I left your office feeling lighter, positive, wanting to get back to healing and having this feeling that I need not worry about funding for the project. I meditated that evening and for the first time in 5 years I could feel, what I call, real energy flowing into me. I have continued to meditate and started using my crystals again. I have also been searching for short courses in energy healing. I wish I had come to you much earlier, but I have only myself to blame as over the years Tony has been telling me to see you.

Thank you so very much.

Much love
Mary Matthias (Retired nurse / healer - Norbury, London)


Carol Scott has helped me see my situation in a different light.  She asks the right questions. After the first session was over, I felt much lighter as I was able to let go of beliefs which no longer served me.  It was important for me to find a qualified therapist who is not only dedicated to the client's well being but who is also professional and caring.  Carol Scott trusts her intuition and makes use of all the tools at her disposal.  She has succeeded in creating a safe haven for the clients who attend her Harley Street practice.

M. Pradella, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey



I should like to highly recommend Carol Scott as an Integrative Therapist and Aura Imaging Consultant. The clinic is very professional and welcoming. I found Carol’s room very pleasant and easy to relax in. I was amazed by the high red colours in my aura image and Carol’s analysis of what this meant was incredible and so accurate. My treatment continued with a quiz and my resulting answers and their meaning was ‘mind blowing’ and made me face certain facts.  

The hands-on Chakra healing was rather emotional but also a relieving experience; afterwards I felt shaken but stirred.  

Since my treatment I certainly have felt differently as if a blockage has been removed and a channel opened. I have been able to accept the past easier and move on more positively into the future. Carol is an extremely good therapist not just because of her exceptional qualifications and passion for her work but also because of her own experiences in life which give her true insight.  

Thank you Carol for your help and guidance.  

L. Popely, Crawley Down, West Sussex


I went to Carol Scott’s practice in Harley Street for the ‘Before and After Energy Balance treatment.’ I went in with trepidation as I was slightly nervous. I was soon put at ease and after a couple of simple tests I had a 40 minute healing session which was wonderful and very relaxing. I came out feeling very calm and renewed. I was fascinated by the change in my aura colours when I saw the before and after shots. I would recommend to anybody going through a stressful or difficult time to try this treatment. It is a great emotional/brain leveller and very good for anxiety.

Georgina Hayman, West London


Dearest Carol, I would like to thank you so much for my amazing images you took of my "aura" and "chakras" . . . and explained in full detail what all these colours represented. It was my first experience and I found the whole experience truly uplifting. To see an "aura" around me of whites and lavenders was truly "magical." I would highly recommend this experience to other people. Thank you so much,

C. Oliver, Tunbridge Wells, Kent


Working in the city made it very difficult for me to relax and focus on who I am. Carol gives me a safe environment to enable me to recharge and wash away the stresses of working life. Her energy treatments infuse me with a renewed vigour. The pleasure of just having time to clear one's mind and receive an energy treatment is both physically and mentally healing. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

A. Smithson, Weybridge, Surrey


Weybridge Practice

I relocated to Surrey 18 months ago and I am a great believer in everything happening for a reason, so this is why I was destined to meet Carol.

I have had some unpleasant experiences to deal with in life as so many of us have but after meeting Carol I realised I had never really healed from these experiences properly. I had been in a state of "survival" for so long it had been hindering me from moving on, developing healthy relationships and it was also having a very negative affect on my physical health. I was diagnosed with endometriosis nearly 8 years ago. Having been through multiple surgeries and taking numerous medications to try and control the pain I was quite literally just getting by a day at a time.

Carol has quite literally helped to transform my life; she worked closely with me and alongside my specialists for some time. She is truly one of kindest, considerate and I want to use the word serene, ladies I have ever met. She has taken time out of her life to support and guide me in ways I could never even begin to repay her for.

Her approach provided me with a secure, non-judgmental environment where she supported me in working through my life experiences to help me heal emotionally. She is the most amazing listener and the reason for this is because she truly does care. She used various healing therapies to aid her work including aura imaging. This highlighted a dramatic imbalance in my energy fields so she suggested I also spent some time with a colleague of her's called Rudi. He worked with me using acupuncture to help rebalance my energy and reduce my pain.

The time I spent with both of them helped me refocus on my body and I was able to listen and hear what it was telling me. I made the hard decision to come off all the medication I was taking. This in itself was freeing experience as I had been on it for so long that in the back of my mind I had always been worried about the long term implications of living on such strong pain relief. I was then able to work with my specialists to identify the root cause of my pain. It turned out the cause was due to a bowel problem which was easily resolved through a day surgery but had been caused by all the medication I had been taking for so long and not the endometriosis.

I can't even begin to express what it is like to wake up every morning pain free and to be able to live a fuller more fun filled life...not just existing. I put this down entirely to Carol and her ability to draw on all her knowledge of healing and the wider access she has to other colleagues who provide complimentary therapies which aid her approach of treating the emotional as well as the physical.

You helped me fix my mind, body and soul of which I will always be eternally grateful for!

Much love always,
M. Gordon, Weybridge, Surrey


I had a consultation with Carol a couple of months ago when I found myself overcome by an intense sense of sadness which I simply couldn't explain. Filled with constant dread and attracting negative energy from all angles, I had up until that point, never experienced energy healing and realised that my emotional heart was broken. A word spoken in anger can never be taken back and as someone who always 'takes things to heart’; Carol explained that my heart chakra was in desperate need of some TLC. In her calm and gentle way, she made me feel comfortable and safe as she performed a sage cleansing, focusing specifically on my heart chakra. After a few minutes, I was completely overwhelmed with emotion as I broke down and cried, which Carol assured me was a natural response and part of the healing process. I felt tired after our session but within a couple of hours and days to follow, I felt fantastic - at peace and smiling at the world again. Carol is an incredible soul with the ability to help you feel emotionally whole again.


"Life may not be the party we hoped for but while we're here we might as well dance..."

Mandy Meredith, Weybridge, Surrey


I am pleased to be able to recommend Carol Scott in relation to her integrative therapy practices. I have known Carol for many years and during the time I have known her have availed myself of her knowledge and experience. We have worked together on a number of occasions during periods in my life when I have needed professional input and help and I will never be able to thank Carol enough for the support I have been given. I have always left our interactions feeling better than when we started.

Not only did Carol work with me to help me through difficult times, she also encouraged me to explore and further develop my potential. I was so inspired with the work she does on imagery that I began to study it for my own personal development. Although I do not do this professionally, I often have friends asking me for help when they are experiencing difficult situations. I don’t believe that I would ever have done this had Carol not shown me how powerful this type of work is.

I have also had the opportunity to have energy healing sessions with Carol and the first session we had together was completely mind-blowing for me. It was an extremely moving experience and showed me that despite thinking that I was pretty much developed, that I still had areas in my emotional wellbeing that needed to be addressed. One of the issues was one I was reluctant to address initially and Carol did not push me on this. Over time however she made me feel that it was ‘safe’ for me to confront this issue and I actually felt a shift in my ‘being’ when we eventually addressed the issue.

Due to my positive experiences with Carol, I have already referred friends to her for treatment and all the informal feedback I have received has been positive.

My overriding impression of Carol is that she doesn’t do this type of work just for the money. You really feel that she is genuinely interested and cares for you. She never makes you feel as though she’s watching the clock when you are with her.

D. Clarke, Lalelam, Middlesex


Carol and I had mutual friends through work but I had not seen her for some time, I bumped into her in Waitrose but she did not recognize me which did not surprise me as I had gone through an EXTREMELY difficult time which resulted in total hair loss. My doctor wanted me to have counselling and although it may sound silly I could not put into words what I was feeling so what was the point. Carol tried to explain how she could help me and although I did not understand a lot of what she was saying I was desperate and would have tried anything.

My treatment started with her asking me some strange questions and I remember thinking why did I bother coming here, however when she relayed to me what my answers meant the flood gates opened. WHAT A RELIEF for the first time someone put my confusion and what I was going through into words. She then started her energy work which I found comforting and emotional. I did have conventional medical treatment but I needed something more and continued to see Carol over a period of time which I felt gave me energy and strength and put me in the right frame of mind to fight what I was going through. I felt the doctors were treating my body and Carol treated my mind and soul.

I am pleased to say I am much better and have my hair back.

Rose K, Weybridge, Surrey


Although I was sceptical about a mind/body healing session at first I found it was a relief to talk to Carol because she was non-judgemental and completely understanding. Her listening and guiding skills helped me to view my relationships with my friends and family in a different way. Talking the problems through with Carol helped me to organise and deal with them one at a time.

J. Salthouse, Fleetwood, Lancs


I would like to thank you most sincerely for a most enlightening aura imaging consultation. Never having experienced this before I was both nervous and excited at the prospect, but was soon put at ease by your calm and friendly manner.

Perhaps the most astounding thing was your 100% accurate prediction of the dominant colour in my aura image. Something which obviously only comes with your level of intuition and expertise.

Your analysis of my aura image was spot on, in summarising my personality traits, my philosophy in life and my mental and physical state at present. I will certainly take on board your recommendations to enable me to progress to optimum health.

Thank you once again, I am already looking forward to seeing how a few positive changes in my lifestyle will reflect in my next aura image.

C. Schafer, Hatton, Chesire


After just one tarot reading session with Carol I was able to evaluate what my strengths and weaknesses were. This helped me to make crucial decisions about how to proceed in my career while Carol’s energy healing session restored a feeling of wellness and balance to my mind and body which I hadn’t felt since a serious illness several years before.

S. Sheard, Fleetwood, Lancs


​I have known Carol Scott for 32 years . . .Carol has always been passionate about complementary medicine, reading books and researching the field, and whilst Carol was with British Airways she applied, and was chosen, to work for the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). For ten years, she played an important role in supporting fellow crew members, attending regular workshops and seminars to maintain her skills as a key worker with occupational medicine. I remember her being awarded a Certificate for her Dedication and Personal Commitment to the EAP programme.

Since leaving British Airways, Carol has embraced studying at the School of Energy Healing and has shown much the same dedication and commitment to the course. I, like others, have experienced her hands on treatments by way of a healing facial, which I really enjoyed – so very relaxing and therapeutic.

S. Derrick, Cabin Manager British Airways, Heathrow


Hi Carol, I am writing to say a 'very big thank you' for the wonderful healing session the other day. I had the most, most peaceful experience with you next to the roaring fire! Aaah. I honestly could have melted into the sofa afterwards for several hours in my relaxed and blissful state. Did you put something in my water to settle my soul so profoundly?

WOW......when can I come back for some more goodness? I was also intrigued by the fascinating aura photos..... I am telling everyone about my blissful experience. I wish you the very best success in all you do now and always.

C. Beton, Weybridge, Surrey