Bio taken from The Westlake Clinic, Harley Street, London - 2011 & 2012


Carol Moores-Scott, Dip IEH, MCMA, MFHIT, Reg. BCMA is a complementary holistic healthcare practitioner, aura imaging consultant and public speaker.  

In her work she uses an integrative approach utilising various techniques and skills to assist each individual work toward balance and wellness. Employing the latest bio-energy software she can photograph the client’s energy field to interpret the colours around them. She has investigated auras since 1991 and studied colour psychology since 1974 when she attended St. Katherine’s Teacher Training College in Liverpool. She appeared on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ in February 2010 showcasing her use of art, colour and design in her home. She believes our environment powerfully impacts on our moods and health.

Whilst at Teacher/Training college she became fascinated by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and the importance of healing the shadow. This led to many years of study and research before applying a psychological approach to using the Tarot in her work.  

Carol went on to work with British Airways for eighteen years (Purser) and enrolled with their ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ studying occupational medicine whilst supporting cabin crew within the workplace.  

Completing the course ‘Dynamics of Personal Motivation’ (1994) taught Carol the power of our thoughts, mind/body/spirit awareness plus visualisation.   

Whilst caring for her mother she witnessed the power of a loving touch and that the human spirit is more powerful than any medicine. This experience led her to research energy healing in greater depth and study for four years with The School of Energy Healing.  She graduated with a Diploma in Integrated Energy Healing in 2010.



Full Member with the Complementary Medical Association
Full Member with the Fellowship of Holistic Integrated
Registered with the British Complementary Medical Association
​Member of the Doctor/Healer Network ( Social Group)
​Telephone:  07704 295856

* Note I have recently included my maiden name to Carol Moores-Scott due to there being other practitioner's called Carol Scott.

 • Angelic Healing – talk given by Anthony Stewart, Doctor/Healer/Network, London – November 2019   

The Full Circle Fund – talk given by Suzanne Ruggles, Founder & CEO of Full Circle Fund – Doctor/Healer/Network, London - July 2019

Understanding the 3 Brains – talk given by Sarah Jane Vickery – The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, Shere - June 2019

Course on ‘Social Media for Business’ – Woking Adult Learning Centre, Woking College, 25thFebruary – 25th March 2019

Balens CPD Conference –Birmingham NEC, May 2019.

Heart Centred Business – talk given by Chris Lambert-Gorwyn, Holistic Health Fair, Birmingham, May 2019.

Essential Oils by do Terra – talk given by Annette Henderson-Gardner, Rosie Q’s Art Café, Wimbledon. May 2019

Energy Healing Therapy Quantum Care - talk given by Jo Shaw - Doctor/Healer/Network - February 2019

The Lymphatic System & Celery Juice: Miracle Juice - the Sound Cloud - February 2019

Understanding Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine - with Ping - Weybridge, January/February 2019

Micromax - A Force of Nature for your Gut Health - talk given by Lowell Riezouw - Wellness Day, Guildford - September 2018

Healing in a Hospital - talk given by Sandy Edwards - Doctor/Healer/Network London - May 2018

Stress & Digestion - talk given by Nutritional Therapist Judy Watson - Henlow - January 2018 

Get Lucky Now - talk given by Dr Stephen Simpson - Doctor/Healer/Network London - October 2017 

Kinesiology/Reflexology & Health - talk given by the wonderful Physic Medium Michelle Morley - The Harry Edwards Healing Centre - Shere - September 2017 

Blood Pressure Know your Numbers - talk given by local nurse - Tring - September 2017

The Hybrid Programme - talk given by Wayne Leal - Tring - September 2017 

Attitude is All - talk given by Tanya Wheway - Tring - September 2017 

Energy Healing meet up & work discussion with colleague Tina Harburn - August 2017 

Harry Edwards Healing Centre - The Path to Healing the Whole Person - my event - July 2017 

An Aura Workshop - hosted at my practice - June 2017

Breathwork Technique with Alan Dolan - London - May 2017 

Individual Nutrition - talk held at The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, Shere by Nutritional Therapist Rosie Tamkin, March 2017

'Treating Cancer with the Gerson Therapy' - talk given by Dr. Patrick Vickers at the East Sussex Resort Hotel - November 2016. Dr Patrick Vickers is the founder of The Gerson Treatment Clinic in Mexico. 

Chakra Psychology -talk given by Delcia McNeil - - Doctor/Healer Network - London September 2016.

Raw Horizons Wellbeing Retreat - North Yorkshire - researched a raw food diet over 6 days with Dr. Claire Maguire, author of recipe book 'Fresh & Sophisticated' - June 2016. 

'Medicine, Mediumship & Messages from Beyond' - Talk given by an Enfield G.P. - Dr. Ian Rubenstein - Doctor/Healer Network - London April 2016. 

Understanding Reverse Speech Therapy -Talk given by Ingrid Collins- Consultant Psychologist & RST Practitioner - Doctor/Healer Network - London Feb. 2016. 

Healing with Bio Energetics - with Michael & Tina O'Doherty in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland - January 2016. 

Tinnitus and Hypercausis Therapy, Managing the Condition with C.B.T. (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) - November 2015/February/March 2016. - Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford. 

Understanding the Alexander Technique -The Harry Edwards Centre - July 2015. 

Understanding Tinnitus & the Safety of Microsuction -Continuous research from June 2015 - present day. 

Healing with Seka Nikolic - London April 2015. 

Understanding Palmistry with Helen Rochelle- Forest Mere - January 2015. 

A meeting with Tony Stockwell - author of many wonderful books on the spirit world - Essex, January 2015. 

Sound Healing/Reiki and Angel workshops with Gillian Ellis- Addlestone -2014/ 2015.

Certificate of Completion Access Consciousness – presented by Fiona Cutts -December 2014. 

Seminars given including one at London University – The Path to Healing the Whole Person with Doctor/Healer Network - November 2014 

Home Study - Further Understanding the Endocrine and Nervous SystemsFor Our Ultimate Wellbeing - October 2014. 

Further home Study in Colour Psychology– Reference Book created, October 2014. 

Workshop on Art & Psychotherapy with Doctor/Healer Network – London, February, 2014. 

Holistic Health Book Club started Jan. 2014 and still ongoing. 

Meetings/Meditation at ‘Buddhah On A Bicycle’ - London with Andrea Klein 2013/14. 

Understanding Your Own Unique Energy System/What Is Your Body Telling You/Healthy Mind, Healthy Body – Various Workshops held by me at Guildford, Enfield, London, Weybridge – 2013/2014. 

Ayurvedic Medicine Research - Studied with Harshita Sethi at the Ayurvedic Retreat, Reading, 2013. 

Electromagnetic Field Therapy Research and Talk about 'John of God in Brazil' - The Sanctuary of Healing, Blackburn, May 2013. 

Study of Crystals and how they are used to Balance the Chakras – Glastonbury, 2013. 

Understanding Addiction/Personality Types/Hierarchy of Needs/Attachment Centred Therapy – with Charlie Schulz, Guildford -2102/13. 

Certificate in Hypnosis and NLP Skills (11 hours) - Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies, London, 2012. 

Home study on the Acid/Alkalinity in the Body and How to Monitor - 2012. 

Private course on Hypertension and the Importance of Keeping a Check of Blood pressure - September 2011.

Detailed informative large painting created over many months 2011 for visual aid during workshops/seminars – can also be viewed on website under tab - What is Aura Imaging and the Energy Field? 

Workshop ‘Build Your Practice Profitably With Expert Public Speaking’with Jayney Goddard & Dave Hawkins C.M.A.– London, November 2011. 

Researching Aura photography and Software -White Light Event -Barnsley - May 2011. 

Diploma in Integrated Energy Healing, (Dip IEH) - The School of Energy Healing Educational Trust. A three year professional diploma focused on the comprehensive examination of human energy fields, healing techniques and Reichian psychotherapy character types. 2010. 

Foundation Course in Energy Healing Certificate - One year at the London School of Energy Healing - London. 

Hopi Ear Candling Certificate – London College of Beauty Therapy, 2010. 

Certificate, Rafferty Energy System of Easing the Temporomandibular Joint (Reset 1) – presented by Philip Rafferty (Melbourne-based Kinesiologist) 2010.


Sound Healing with Tim Wheater – Ascot, August 2009. 

Workshop ‘Developing Your Practice’ with Jayney Goddard & Dave Hawkins C.M.A. – London, May 2010. 

Guys Hospital Debate about complementary therapies versus orthodox medicine called – ‘Trick Or Treatment’ with Professor David Peters – April 2009 –London. 

Practitioners Diploma in Natural Lift Facial Massage - Gateways Workshops, 2008. 

Tarot Conference 2008 – October, Columbia Hotel, London. 

Advanced Master Class Certificate - awarded by Rachel Pollack (author of books on tarot and divination) - London 2008. Self-study of tarot psychology since 1991. 

Sound Healing with Authentic Bowls with Andy Thurgood, Sussex, May 2007. 

Chakra Dancing and Meditation with Elizabeth Whiter –Sussex, May 2007. 

Principles of Traditional Holistic Herbal and Chinese Medicine - City Lit, London 2006. 

Holistic Health Workshops – Sedona, Arizona 2006.

Understanding ‘Aura & Face Reading’ with Rose Rosetree- London/Weybridge 2005. Article written by Rose after joint discussions during residential time together researching damage of irresponsible mobile phone usage - March 2005 (Can be seen in ‘Reading Life Deeper,’ a free e -zine featuring face reading, aura reading and techniques for empaths- Issue 34). 

Dedication and Personal Commitment Certificate - from British Airways, plc., presented by Dr. Sandra Mooney, Director, Health Services and Mr. Mervyn Walker, Director, Human Resources to acknowledge work in occupational health/medicine over 10 years with BA's Employee Assistance Programme, (EAP). 

Lessons of Forgiveness - Convention in Poole, Dorset to support tortured victims with Eric Lomax who wrote the book THE RAILWAY MAN - December 1999. Later made into a film with Colin Firth. 

‘Working with Prana’ – Delhi, India, 1998.

Psychic Studies – New York, USA 1994.


Dynamics of Personal Motivation - by Paul J. Meyer - course completed over a year, started in Dallas, Texas after being introduced to him at his home during a conference, 1994. 

Past Life Regression Therapy – Studied with Veronica Stephenson during two separate residential stays at Morning Light, Pitlochry, Scotland, 1993. 

Aura Imaging Research – Studied aura photography and energy fields since 1991 with a collection of personal aura photographs. These have reflected accurately personal moods and emotions as they have changed at different stages of life. 

Biology CSE and GCE O Level - studies in physiology and anatomy. 

Art CSE/GCE O Level and A Level - further studied Art at St. Katherine’s Teacher Training College, Liverpool, 1974. 

MCMA - Full member with The Complementary Medical Association. ( 

MFHIT - Full member with the Fellowship of Holistic Integrated Therapists. ( 

Reg. BCMA - Registered with the British Complementary Association. ( 

• I abide by the Code of Ethics from each of these Professional Bodies.