Please note: as of October 1, 2019,  I will be open to working primarily with airline cabin crew.

This quote by Iyanla Vangant explains perfectly what I have witnessed throughout my life and my work; that the root cause of any problem has to addressed for healing to fully take place.  All healing is making the unconscious conscious. Suffering is when you resist feeling your pain. 


 In my practice whatever Iife challenging issues you are dealing with, whether you are in physical, spiritual or emotional pain I endeavor to assist you to restore confidence and, most importantly, regain balance. In my work with the energy body it is the dimension where a diseased condition exists prior to manifesting in our physical bodies and where the majority of healing is needed. 



I use a selection of skills and tools with guided intuition to help you release dormant energy blocks enabling you to heal and live life fully again.  I will help you explore and understand your own unique energy field as everything is energy, and all energy has three common elements: 

  • Colour spectrum
  • Frequency
  • Wavelength


Aura Imaging 

To help you understand where you are on the colour spectrum, aura imaging is a fun way to view the colour of your aura. I offer three styles of aura photos, head and shoulder, the chakra system or full body. The diagram is a very basic example of head and shoulder photos showing how each person has a personality colour and everyone is unique. Colour psychology is a vast subject. You are often drawn to your personality colour for clothing and home decorating and this is often a predominate colour in your aura.

​I talk more about Aura Imaging here  where I share a selection of both aura and chakra photographs I have taken over the years.



Taking a head & shoulder aura photograph the print out also shows:

  • Your current energy levels
  • Where most of your energy is going, mind,
    ​body or spirit
  • How you express yourself
  • What you are currently attracting in life
  • Your personality type


  The aura photos show we each have electromagnetic fields all around our physical forms. In metaphysical terms, these are auras. Our thoughts act as magnets; energy flows where attention goes. I have witnessed over the years that people live in different energy frequencies. So many people yearn for love or want to achieve their goals but haven't raised their own vibration to attract these things. Like attracts like. By sharing the tools I have learned over many years I help you raise your own vibration to get you on the right wavelength to attract what it is you really want.     

Tailored Treatments

 Just as no two people are the same, no two treatments are ever the same. That is why I tailor make a personalised treatment plan for each client using a combination of treatment methods required for each persons' individual needs.