"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it" - wise words by Albert Einstein (1879-1955).

 Throughout this page I share quotes and discoveries of some of the greatest scientific minds of our times.

  •  Prof. Murray Gell-Mann: Nobel Prize Laureate (1969)  "Body chemistry is governed by quantum cellular fields," 
  • Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) studied energy and believed trauma blocked the flow of energy. His Reichian Character structures give great insight into understanding the development of the inner child. This is linked in with the stages of development in the chakra system.
  • Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1893-1986) MD, Nobel Prize Laureate, Hungary said "Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter."
  • Semyon D. Kirlian (1898-1978) U.S.S.R. "All living organisms emit an energy field."
  • Dr Harold S. Burr  (1889-1973) his work studied The Electrical Patterns of Life, he believed "The energy field starts it all."
  • Carl Jung (1875-1961) (picture below) worked with the tarot, synchronicity and the shadow which are the parts of ourselves we try to hide or deny.

Carl Jung



Whilst these Western forward thinkers were making their discoveries, Krishnamurti, perhaps the most revolutionary religious thinker of the 20th century, believed that an intelligent energy had cleansed his body. From east to west so many great minds believed that the root of all health issues was an energy issue in the body.

  • In Japan, REI means universal life and KI means energy so healing with this life force is known as REIKI.
  • In India, energy is known as PRANA and AYURVEDIC medicine is one of the world’s oldest medical systems which works to balance the body’s energy system. 
  • In China, energy is known as CHI and Chinese medicine works to restore harmony and an energetic balance to the body to stimulate natural healing. An old Chinese saying is ‘Wherever the mind goes, the body will follow.’ 
  • Native Americans have worked with energy for thousands of years and the premise that a person’s illness is caused by the individual being out of harmony with life.


 Barbara Brennan has studied with both American and Native American healers and is an author, healer, psychotherapist, physicist and was a research scientist for NASA. She has written some amazing books, most famously HANDS OF LIGHT & LIGHT EMERGING. She started the BARBARA BRENNAN SCHOOL OF HEALING to train people and share her knowledge and the UK's School where I attended was started by a graduate of hers. 


The Human Energy Field

Original Painting by Carol Moores-Scott

After my four years training I completed the diagram (above) to pull together all of my knowledge alongside the many books I had researched years before. All resource books can be found in the Reference Library.  It helped me to not only join all the dots together for myself but created a visual aid I could then share with others.   

The human aura is a field of energy surrounding the body. The energy centres known as chakras, are an integral part of the auric body. My diagram also shows rather than being a single energetic field around the body, the human aura consists of seven distinct layers.  

I use this diagram in talks and it has really helped people to understand the location of the chakras. In each coloured circle I have written detailed information about each energy centre and in the rectangular boxes I share detailed information about each energy level and how they are all linked together. The diagram below (right) shows different chakra photographs which can be taken with my aura imaging camera.


Aura Image of the Chakras

 The energy that is around our bodies is a reflection of who we are and our state of well-being on all levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Every cell in the human body vibrates constantly with energy and for centuries, mystics and healers of many cultures have accepted that the human body draws energy into it from a universal energy field.



 ​It seems a universal concept that we are all energy beings and our energy changes on a daily basis. Anything that has an atomic structure will have an energy field around it - every atom of every substance is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons which have electrical and magnetic vibrations - scientists use the term biofield to describe this energy that surrounds us. The imaging software I use works with the theory that each colour has its corresponding electrical frequency that can be scientifically measured.


 The depiction of auras dates back many centuries. Kabbalists called it astral light. Early artists often painted a halo around their subjects to depict the radiance and spiritual illumination of a divine being. In fact many illustrations left by ancient tribes and the Christian mystics in the Middle Ages depict this spiritual radiance around the body.

Aura Imaging Photographs


The aura photographs above are a small sample of the many aura photographs I have taken over the years. I have found after doing so many, that although peoples' energy changes with their moods; everyone has their own unique personality colour.

Guy Coggins, the inventor of biofeedback aura imaging, based his colour interpretations on different electrical measurements. Coggins conducted extensive research on these measurements and was further inspired by the writing of Dr. Max Luscher who has been responsible for many renowned scientific studies on colour preference and personality. Dr. Luscher was a contemporary of Sigmund Freud. Another, older form of photography that captures the emanations from living things, is KIRLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY. Seymion Kirlian was a Russian electronics engineer who in 1939 developed a means of capturing the electromagnetic emanations of the body on a photographic plate without the use of a camera. Experiments with Kirlian photography have led to a deeper understanding of energy in living things

Balance is Key

 I often use aura photography, in addition to my knowledge of eastern and western philosophies and practices, to assist my clients achieve balance in their lives. 
I believe restoring balance is key.